some haikus on the occasion of my voyage to LA's premiere luxury health food store
  1. when you're unemployed / common sense paces its cage / YOLO, brays stomach
  2. zucchini bread, sure, / vanilla chai almond shakes: / these seem doable
  3. three dollar signs, notes / Google, Zagat rated too / it's fiiine, coos gut. Drive
  4. the evolved species / feeding in this canopy / swing on hairless limbs
  5. taut faces confer / which vitamin combo will / turn base metals gold?
  6. geezer lofts berries / to nostrils and SNIFFFFs in deep / the hell's he smelling
  7. manbun, black robes, O / Good God: Father John Misty / peruses salads
  8. his oft-oded wife / seems beleaguered to see me stare / let them munch quinoa
  9. at checkout I groused / tiles for a fallen quarter / [Flaxseed: $Eight.Eighteen]
  10. Jesus I forgot / zucchini! welp. second chance / to scope J. Tillman
  11. low balance alert / from Chase: is this the whey that will / break the camel's zen?
  12. so that chai smoothie? / da bomb. now what to do with / all this cardamom