Questions and thought about Buffy, YAY!
  1. Why didn't Willow and Xander ever really get together?
  2. Wouldn't it be better to have a bunch of Slayers and have them scattered around the world?
  3. Why does Buffy think it's ok to tell about the demons/vampires/other stuff to Cordelia and some randoms but not her mother?
  4. If you live in Sunnydale and weird stuff happen daily, wouldn't you figure out what's going on a little sooner?
  5. Wouldn't the cemetery have workers working there almost all the time? Because of the daily dead bodies?
  6. How did people explain the whole massacre at school on Prophecy Girl? (Season 1 Finale)
  7. How does the school always fix stuff that breaks without questions? (Library's broken furniture, doors that are broken, ceilings that collapse and random fires)