I've been on here for a few months but much prefer reading other people's lists to making my own
  1. I graduated college in December and start medical school in less than a month (feeling v anxious/excited)
  2. my parents call me red, my friends call me ging and redhead fun facts are my favorite type of fun facts
  3. I love concerts and try to go to at least one show a month
    Here's a pic from Flogging Molly a couple of weeks ago
  4. I'm extremely extroverted in person but feel much more introverted/awkward on social media (hence the amount of time it's taken me to make my first list)
  5. Mystery novels are my jam and I would love some book recommendations (any genre)
    just finished devil in the white city and need something to fill the void
  6. I've been bitten by the travel bug and think it's allowed me to become a better version of myself
    Last summer I backpacked through 11 countries with my bestie and in the past 5 months I've explored 9 new cities across the US