one year ago

can't believe it's been a whole year since my backpacking trip but here are some of my favorite memories
  1. straight off the plane in Dublin and feeling way way out of my comfort zone.
    look at those blue skies though!!
  2. Paris was everything I imagined it could be.
    we spent the day in the Jardin des tulleries, attended tea time at Shakespeare & company, witnessed a proposal on the love lock bridge and devoured the BEST ice cream on the planet (pictured above)
  3. Switzerland had the most memorable hostel #tents
    it was also the most expensive place so we ate pb&j sandwiches and splurged on wine and chocolate
  4. best part of Florence was running into a good friend from home on the street
    we both didn't know the other was traveling so it was such an exciting coincidence. we ate way too much pasta here and I got us pretty lost more than once
  5. themed hostel in Salzburg won me over
    I love the sound of music while my best friend refuses to watch it. I swear I didn't know our room was themed when I booked it but shes still not buying it (it's something I would do)
  6. it's hard to pick a favorite day/place but deep down I know this was it
    we played cards and dipped our feet in a pool in the heart of Budapest and I felt completely overwhelmed with happiness
  7. travel is made so much better by the people you meet and Prague gave us the greatest hostel bunk mates
    case was super tired from the night before we'd spent in the ruin pubs of Budapest and really really didn't want to go out. our 8 hostel roommates (all science nerds!!!) somehow convinced us to hit the bars with them and it ended up being our favorite night out. We walked home with our new crew at 6 in the morning while the sun was rising and people were commuting to work. surreal. we all still keep in touch 💓
  8. alternative walking tour in berlin
    what an exciting city! so much history and art and once again we were blessed with awesome bunk mates. I feel like there is so much more to see/experience here and would love to go back for a longer period
  9. Munich beer lives up to the hype
    after leaving hofbrauhaus we played odds we'd run through the central city fountain and decided to just do it together. we got COMPLETELY soaked and still went to another bar leaving puddles wherever we stepped (not our finest moment)
  10. there's more to Amsterdam than 🍁
    the Anne frank house and Van Gogh museum were incredibly moving for different reasons
  11. absinthe in Brussels
    another chance encounter! we ran into a boy we went to high school with and a friend from the hostel in Prague AND another friend of mine from college in the same bar in Belgium (small small world) absinthe burns, Belgian chocolate is delicious, and Brussels city center is golden at night
  12. this blurry pic sums up the disaster that was the trip home
    6 am: we almost missed our flight out of dublin to Charlotte. After a layover in Charlotte our plane was delayed on the runway for an hour. we finally took off and all seemed okay until a storm hit home and we were running out of gas so we had to land in a city 2 hours away. turns out they can just cancel flights and leave you stranded so they did! we got a rental van at midnight with 5 strangers and ended our trip in the worst/best/strangest way