it's been quite the gap semester
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    Greenville, SC
    started the year with a lil road trip with my dad and spent a few days in this cute town. Falls Park was beautiful and we loved all the cozy local coffee shops
  2. β€’
    Asheville, NC
    a family favorite. Dad and I spent the week trying as many breakfast places as we could and managed to squeeze in two trips to our favorite restaurant, Tupelo Honey
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    Atlanta, GA
    actually booked this when I was in Asheville. spur of the moment decided to make the trip with friends to see The Weeks, a super fun/rowdy southern rock band I'm lowkey obsessed with
  4. β€’
    New Orleans, LA
    first time in NOLA and first Mardi Gras experience πŸŽΊπŸ“Ώβšœ it was not as wild as I imagined it would be and in a way that made it better. made it to cafe du monde and devoured these beignets
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    Hilton Head Island, SC
    a gals trip with my mom to visit her best friend. It was a beautiful quaint town but I prefer a little more action
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    Chicago, IL
    my random roommate from two summers ago became one of my best friends and now that she's moved to Chicago I had a perfect reason to see the city. I LOVED it and have my fingers crossed I'll end up there someday (4 more years of school before that's a possibility) I also saw The Weeks in concert again #notagroupie and they were just as good the second time around
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    NY, NY
    two gal pals I've known since kindergarten go to NYU and played tour guides for a week. we hit all the classic touristy spots as well as some cool trendy spots I would have never discovered on my own. It also snowed(!!!) which was magical and completely foreign for me
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    Washington, DC
    timed it PERFECTLY so I happened to be there during peak bloom of the cherry blossom festival 🌸 I love DC for its free museums and found a fun jazz bar where redheads drink half price all day everyday πŸ’ƒπŸΌ
  9. β€’
    Weston, FL
    needed a week at the beach to relax after all the traveling and got very very sunburnt. it was nice to take a break to just lounge and read
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    Providence, RI
    most recently I flew to providence to visit a friend at Brown during their spring weekend. The school pretty much let's loose and hosts concerts on the main green for students and everyone day drinks leading up to them. I saw fetty wap (not my scene but he was good) and Mac Demarco (def my scene and he was great) it was interesting to imagine what my college experience would've been like if I had gone to a smaller school
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    bonus pic of a milkshake I had in New York