Reasons to be optimistic for the Cleveland Browns

Every year there is optimism that ranges from sensible to delusional. This will be a mix of both
  1. Hue Jackson
    Brings a lot of experience and works really well with QBs. Plus continues our tradition of having bald coaches, which has worked out really well so far
  2. RGIII
    On the off chance that Robert Griffin has a good season for the Browns, he could take this franchise to another level. While I fully do not expect him to have a good season, the preseason promise/hype/irrational confidence has me thinking maybe, just maybe, we picked the right qb. #NoPressureNoDiamonds
  3. A Healthy Joe Haden
    Lockdown Joe was more Sideline Joe last season as he struggled with multiple injuries and several really bad concussions. The secondary struggled without him and in the games he did play he was more of a liability. All things point to him being back to 💯
  4. The Return of Josh Gordon
    Well the Josh Gordon Up in Smoke Tour will finally return to Cleveland in Week 5. It will be a huge boost to our offensive to have him back. If we can get him the ball there is no telling how far he can take us. Its a BIG IF that we will get him the ball
  5. Pryors Emergence
    They said he couldnt play wide receiver, they said he couldnt play in this league, now theyre saying he could be a Number 2 receiver on the Browns. Not sure if that says more about Terelle Pryor or Cleveland but either way it is exciting to see him get a real shot at WR. He has a lot of raw talent and an excellent frame. Spent the offseason with Randy Moss too, so there is that
  6. No More Johnny
    Pretty much self explanatory. He was a distraction and another example of how dysfunctional this franchise has been. You can get away with some of his antics if you are a star but not when you are just barely good enough to start over Austin Davis in an NFL game. Johnnys story is sad and I hope he gets the help he needs but it is great to have him away from this team.
  7. It Cannot Get Much Worse...Right?
    I say it about every year but they keep proving me wrong. This season will come down to how the first four games go. Games against Phi, Bal, Mia, and Was will tell us a lot about what are expectations should be (actually we will know if they lose to the Eagles). It could (will) be a long season but at least we will have a lot of good story lines