A retail pharmacist is in customer service, but please ask someone else to be your guide on the inner workings of your local pharmacy or just read a damn sign...
  1. Where's the toilet paper?
  2. Um...can you let me in the bathroom?
  3. Is it coke or Pepsi on sale this week?
  4. Pharmacist on the phone and customer approaches consultation, pharmacist smiles and gives a nod of acknowledgment while signaling give me just a minute--customer then proceeds to ask God knows what...um sorry no one is listening because THEY ARE STILL ON THE PHONE...
  5. How do I get my free cell phone from the government?
  6. My meth lab blew up on me and the whole right side of my body is charred what over the counter cream can I use.
  7. Do you know how many coupons I can use on this?