1. Sleeping in
    I still manage to eat breakfast and make it to my 10 am class
  2. Hating what I have, buying something new, then finding something cool and useful in what I had first
  3. Playing guitar
    I wanted to be great until I found Nirvana and now I wish I was worse
  4. Running (used to be)
    Right when I broke 35:00 in the 10k last year I took a break and got a job. Now I'm nowhere near that
  5. Watching Netflix
    I've watched the Office twice, Breaking Bad, and Friday Night Lights in the last year
  6. Listening to music loudly
    Especially Nirvana in the car
  7. Wasting time
    But John Lennon said that it's not wasted if you enjoyed it so maybe not
  8. Booing
    I attend ASU football games and PAC 12 refs are beyond terrible
  9. Computer programming
    I taught myself to code by making a running log app. Took me the entire summer of 2014 to write.
  10. Driving stick shift
    It's not a sports car if it's not stick
  11. Checking email
    If only I kept my room as clean as my inbox
  12. Staying up late
    It's already 1am
  13. Ultimate frisbee
    Not so much in seventh grade but by eighth grade I had it down
  14. Eating at In N Out after work
    I purposely go to the one further away just to jam to music and unwind
  15. Being indecisive over which girl I like more
    I'm either happily single or at a crossroads