Every lister should make one of these lists
  1. The Paper Shredders
    '80s revival maybe?
  2. The Porcupine Pineapples
    Your lead single better live up to that one
  3. Rockin' Recess
    Branded to piss Shamrock off
  4. The Bangalore Ballgowns
    Extreme metal
  5. Don't Kill Kevin
    Pop punk probably
  6. Problematic Children
  7. All About Albert
    Only if frontman is an Albert
  8. The Kool Kids Klub
    If you're willing to risk everything for a million bucks
  9. Western Culture Sucks
    Where punk and eastern drone sounds collide
  10. I'm Related to Billy the Kid
    Not really but maybe a cool band name
  11. Martial Law
    I don't know what could be done with this but sounds cool
  12. Indulger
    Border on the avant-garde
  13. Smelly Seamus
    Seamus is an Irish name but makes for a great pun
  14. Cocktail Party Band
    Don't plan on making it big but always be the first choice for local cocktail party gigs
  15. Bathroom Politics
    Must write about the oppressed who have to wait in line while the establishment gets first dibs
  16. The Falafels
    Straight outta Greece
  17. Stupid Bloody Tuesday
    I Am The Walrus is loaded with potentially great band names
  18. Corporation T Shirts
    See previous one
  19. Yellow Matter Custard
    Probably already a Beatles cover band
  20. English Rain
    Also from I am the Walrus
  21. Expert Textpert
    I'm still not done with IatW references
  22. Semolina Pilchard
    You thought I was done didn't you?