My favorite Beatles songs

Way too many but here it goes
  1. Do you Want to Know a Secret?
  2. If I Fell
  3. This Boy
  4. I've Just Seen a Face
  5. Girl
  6. In My Life
  7. Yesterday
  8. Help!
  9. Eleanor Rigby
  10. I'm Happy just to Dance with You
  11. Martha My Dear
  12. Dear Prudence
  13. Because
  14. Here Comes the Sun
  15. I'm So Tired
  16. Here There Everywhere
  17. And Your Bird Can Sing
  18. Strawberry Fields Forever
  19. When I'm 64
  20. I Don't Want to Spoil the Party
  21. Hey Jude
  22. Something
  23. It Won't Be Long
  24. We Can Work it Out
  25. Happiness is a Warm Gun
    Almost made me wonder if this was a Beatles song so different