I've read through some today so I thought I'd throw add some of mine
  1. When Dwight says "Does it bother me that Michael didn't invite me?" all seriously and then immediately breaks down and cries
  2. When Dwight pretends to cry and miss Jim but then stops and declares "FALSE"
  3. When Dwight says there is no health insurance in nature.
    I can't remember the quote well enough but it's awesome
  4. When Jim and Andy get called into the conference room to discuss Call of Duty tactics
  5. When Dwight gives a seminar on the changes in martial arts and Jim has Dwight fight himself because he's his only worthy opponent
  6. When there is a robbery in the office and Dwight gives possible motives and one is that they are vintage HP computer collectors
    As someone whose computer all through high school was an ancient HP machine this was too funny
  7. When Michael forces Kevin to eat broccoli to fulfill his New Year's resolution and he says, "not everyone's Michael freaking Scott!"
  8. When Andy steals Jim's moment to propose and claims it's his perfect moment with the fireworks and everything
  9. When Dwight makes Mega Desk
  10. When Michael reveals that the reward for the hot dog eating contest is his job and Stanley goes berserk on it
  11. When Pam reveals her feelings to Jim later that night
  12. When Toby wins money from Michael at the casino night and says he's going to pursue that feeling more often
  13. When the senator reveals that he is gay and a reporter asks if his wife made him gay
    Way back when the Office came out my friend showed me this scene probably 4-5 years before I'd even started watching it
  14. When Ryan started the fire
  15. When Ryan became the "fired" and then the "hired" guy
  16. When Pam asks Kelly about how she felt when Ryan cheated on him and she says "which time?"
  17. When Daryl is about to give Val a valentine, realizes that she has a boyfriend, and gives it to the other (male) warehouse worker.
  18. When Jim hires a stripper to be the nurse that gives the check to the rabies awareness fund and Michael says I'm glad you got your degree
  19. When Jim tries to get Dwight fired by telling Michael he'd buy one million dollars worth of paper if he fires him
  20. When Dwight says "that's what she said" while David Wallace congratulates him for the success of the golden ticket idea
  21. When Michael says "if I were in a room with Hitler, Bin Ladin, and Toby I'd shoot Toby twice!"
    That whole scene was a masterpiece
  22. When Andy and Erin play Party in the USA only to find that Sabre wasn't pronounced that way
    This scene might not have been that great, but it put me on a journey to listen to the music that was big when I was in junior high. Eventually, my search for a new favorite artist lead me to Nirvana. All because of this one scene
  23. That's all I can think of right now
    I can't believe I've remembered this much and there's still so much more