I think that Nirvana had the least amount of creative control over this album as they did on their others. Inspired by @Cheezit1970
  1. Stay Away
    I like the guitar and vocals that synchronize but not much else
  2. Lounge Act
    Great bass line but just not my favorite song
  3. Endless, Nameless
    I had this album on in the car and dad turned it on with this blaring. Perfect.
  4. Breed
    Really good song but the production doesn't suit it that well. I would like to hear what this would've sounded like on Bleach
  5. Polly
    Provides a nice little intermission after the first half
  6. On a Plain
    It's hard to rate this one. The lyrics are great but there's a few too many guitar overdubs.
  7. Something in the Way
    Probably the darkest song on the album. It strikes me as a statement of where Nirvana was headed
  8. Territorial Pissings
    Puts the hippies right where they belong
  9. Come as You Are
    Whoever says anything against Cobain's lyrics is probably just jealous.
  10. Drain You
    Probably the most accurate reflection of where Nirvana was at musically during Nevermind.
  11. Lithium
    Nirvana and the Beatles understood the power of yelling YEAH.
  12. In Bloom
    I'm probably the one Kurt is singing at here, but that's ok. What kind of zone do you have to be in to pull a message like that off?
  13. Smells Like Teen Spirit
    I'm not going to let what anyone (including Nirvana) has to say about this song ruin it for me. It caught me totally by surprise, and to this day I still can't believe my ears when it's on.