This should get interesting
  1. Work out
    The gym membership is covered with tuition so all I had to pay for was the locker
  2. Do homework
    I haven't been inside the library yet but that's going to change real soon
  3. Hunt for Todd Graham
    If I could tell him who to start and what plays to call our football team would be undefeated
  4. Watch people walk
    It's quite interesting
  5. Make lists
    Right now I'm on the shuttle but I could do this on campus
  6. Sleep
    There's one particular spot where everyone's quiet and there's comfortable sofas
  7. Hang out with friends
    I just haven't seen too many of the people I know from high school or community college
  8. Start a company
    It's easy to see why so many billion dollar companies were started on college campuses and dorm rooms. The down time is boring