I owned a Windows laptop for 3 years and a MacBook Pro for 1 month
  1. Audio Interface Compatibility
    I spent an entire Saturday afternoon downloading drivers and installing a DAW for Windows. With Mac it's as easy as plugging it right in and launching GarageBand.
  2. Included software
    Windows is known for their office suit but it is not free. Mac has iLife included with excellent applications such as GarageBand, Pages, Keynote.
  3. Printing
    It regularly took my Windows laptop 10 minutes to print a Word document whereas I could print the same document in 10 seconds from my iPod touch.
  4. Updates
    Windows updates usually at the worst possible times (just ask Bill Belichick) and way too often. Even when I put the thing on manual it would still put out annoying reminders in windows that would usually freeze before they'd close
  5. Force Quit
    Task manager used to be ok but recently it started trying to diagnose the problem before closing the frozen app. Force Quit, however, is needed far less frequently (on a machine with half the RAM) and only tells you that quitting the app will lose unsaved changes.
  6. OS upgrades
    Windows 10 was a free upgrade for Windows 7/8 users (an attempt to avoid those OS's lasting 15 years like XP) but Mac OS X releases have always been free to Mac users with compatible hardware.
  7. Audio Drivers
    By far the biggest disappointment with Windows was hearing an annoying hiss whenever I plugged headphones into it. I thought updates would fix it but it only got worse and eventually started to fail with several seconds of a loud buzz. Also, whenever I played a video it would start off really loud and wouldn't calibrate to the actual volume level until I adjusted the volume manually. This happened every time I paused