1. This is a video of Ari talking to Turtle about a business idea. It has 78k views. That's way more than your web series "Awkward Roomies" about a mismatched set of roommates. You made that back in what, 2009? It has like 1,235 views. Bummer.
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  2. This video has Ari Gold saying Fuck over 140 times. It has 152k views. People would prefer seeing Jeremy Piven curse than watch you and your improv 201 class act in a web series. Hey, isn't weird you're not even friends with those people anymore?
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  3. This video sees Ari belittle his wife and therapist. It has 1 million views and for some reason is considered THE BEST speech which is weird because he's really mean and not even fun mean. I bet it's a bunch of angry men driving the video count so high. Anyway, your web series was a waste of 2,000 dollars.
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  4. This is a video of Ari asking Lloyd if he has cum in his eyes. It has 888k views. People think this is the funniest Ari comment ever. Maybe you should move back to Michigan.
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