Lived a wild week celebrating another year down the hatch.
  1. Killer gifts from @Jackie.
    A 10th anniversary Walt Disney World bumper sticker, the Meat Loaf meats mini monster movie To Catch a Yeti on vhs, a vintage Disneyland collector plate and promo pins for Childs Play, Childs Play 2 and Childs Play 3
  2. Disneyland.
    Stopped by Town Hall and got a button. Everyone gave birthday wishes all day and I scored a free cupcake at lunch.
  3. A little something for myself.
    What better occasion to buy a feature 35mm print of Hard Rain ('98).
  4. These dudes.
    Thanks mailman for delivering Don the Undercover Turtle, Mike the Sewer Surfer and Bandito Bashin' Mike.