An appreciation of those looks and THAT LAUGH in a decade of under-the-radar genre work. Just check out that dirty little chuckle for yourself:
  1. Highlander II: The Quickening (1991)
    Widely considered one of the worst sequels ever made, The Quickening is too weird, too unruly and too fucking insane to easily dismiss. Still, I have no clue what the fuck is going on in a film that completely rewrites the mythology of the franchise. There's aliens, religious allegories and a bunch of other junk crammed into 90 wild minutes.
  2. Knight Moves (1992)
    A slick, stylish and convoluted erotic thriller meets modern giallo. Lambert is a chess grandmaster that may or may not also be a brutal serial killer.
  3. Fortress (1992)
    This sci-fi beast is one of the best from always reliable low budget director Stuart Gordon. An action packed & inventive entertainment beast with Lambert trying to escape a dangerous futuristic prison.
  4. Gunmen (1993)
    A buddy action comedy set in South America with an insane cast: Lambert, Mario Van Peebles, Denis Leary, Kadeem Hardison, Sally Kirkland, Brenda Bakke and Patrick Stewart!
  5. Highlander: The Final Dimension (1994)
    The third Highlander film gets things back on track by completely ignoring the second film and reunites Lambert with his Gunmen co-star Mario Van Peebles.
  6. The Hunted (1995)
    Lambert plays a New York businessman on a trip to Japan who runs afoul of a deadly Ninja cult after witnessing a murder. Swordplay and martial arts ensue. Written & directed by the screenwriter behind Pretty Woman & Under Siege.
  7. Mortal Kombat (1995)
    Lambert is Rayden in the first big screen adaptation of the classic video game. FIGHT!
  8. Adrenalin: Fear the Rush (1996)
    Lambert's first partnership with Cyborg director Albert Pyun is this action thriller shot in Eastern Europe very poorly pretending to be Boston. A murderer infected with a vicious virus is loose and only Lambert and partner Natasha Henstridge can stop him.
  9. Nirvana (1997)
    Lambert goes CYBERPUNK as a video game designer whose newest creation has gained a dangerous mind of its own.
  10. Mean Guns (1997)
    Lambert reteams with Adrenalin director Albert Pyun for a high stakes shoot-em-up fight to the death in a prison run by gang boss Ice-T. Featuring a totally bizarre mambo soundtrack that completely clashes with everything on screen.
  11. Resurrection (1999)
    Highlander I & II director Russell Mulcahy helms this excellent Se7en knockoff that ups the religious angle as Chicago detective Lambert tracks down a killer whose goal is to recreate the body of Christ.
  12. Beowulf (1999)
    A post-apocalyptic sci-fi swordplay update of the famous story with Lambert in the title role.