New additions to the collection. Revisiting R.L. Stine classics to prep for the Goosebumps movie later this year.
  1. Attack of the Mutant
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    He's no superhero. He's a supervillain!
  2. The Beast from the East
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    He's a real animal.
  3. Beware, the Snowman
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    He's got a heart of cold!
  4. The Blob that Ate Everyone
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    He's no picky eater!
  5. The Curse of Camp Cold Lake
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    Last one in is a rotten... ghost!
  6. Ghost Camp
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    Be all that you can't see!
  7. The Girl who Cried Monster
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    She's got the monster of all problems!
  8. Go Eat Worms!
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    Homework was never this gross before!
  9. The Haunted School
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    They're watching you learn... the hard way.
  10. The Headless Ghost
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    Major headache!
  11. Monster Blood II
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    He's one hungry hamster!
  12. Say Cheese and Die!
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    One picture is worth a thousand scares.
  13. Vampire Breath
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    Open wide and say... mouthwash!