New additions to the collection. Revisiting R.L. Stine classics to prep for the Goosebumps movie later this year.
  1. Attack of the Mutant
    He's no superhero. He's a supervillain!
  2. The Beast from the East
    He's a real animal.
  3. Beware, the Snowman
    He's got a heart of cold!
  4. The Blob that Ate Everyone
    He's no picky eater!
  5. The Curse of Camp Cold Lake
    Last one in is a rotten... ghost!
  6. Ghost Camp
    Be all that you can't see!
  7. The Girl who Cried Monster
    She's got the monster of all problems!
  8. Go Eat Worms!
    Homework was never this gross before!
  9. The Haunted School
    They're watching you learn... the hard way.
  10. The Headless Ghost
    Major headache!
  11. Monster Blood II
    He's one hungry hamster!
  12. Say Cheese and Die!
    One picture is worth a thousand scares.
  13. Vampire Breath
    Open wide and say... mouthwash!