Years to perfect this
  1. Coffee
  2. Put toast in the toaster
    That way it toasts while you're exploring and you don't have to wait. Seen so many dudes waiting at the toaster like idiots.
  3. Put a packet of butter in your pocket
    They're all cold from the fridge or freezer. Pocket warms it up.
  4. Grab a piece of cheese
    This is your "walking around cheese." So you're not on an empty stomach, and you make good buffet decisions.
  5. Hit the buffet.
    I go eggs, bacon, oatmeal, every time. Or grits if there's grits. But there's never grits
  6. But don't take an eye off your toast.
    The Euro guys will steal it
  7. Take a peanut butter packet for later.
    I'll need it for a post race smoothie
  8. Pick up your toast
  9. Don't forget silverware
    Long walk back from the table if you forget
  10. Grab a snack for during the race
    A croissant beats a Clif bar by stage 3