This is my office, basically, but the list will be of use to almost no one.
  1. Benedict
    Steady grade, low traffic
  2. Mandeville
    Kind of far unless you live in Santa Monica, but there's few cars because it goes nowhere, the pavement is good, and the grade gets steadily steeper, so it's perfect for maximizing the interval power
  3. Multiview
    It's short, but the road is all awesome and twisty and Euro
  4. Dixie
    Dirt! Don't go down it, but up is cool.
  5. Beverly Glen
    Nice and shady
  6. Nichols
    There's always construction and cars pulling out of driveways and I crashed there that one time which was totally my fault but tells me it's not safe
  7. Sepulveda
    From the Valley side there's a good bike lane.
  8. Mt. Hollywood
    In Griffith park. Bad pavement, grade goes up at down, too many hikers to go fast, but the best for a slow cruise
  9. Don't even try going up Coldwater, Cahuenga, or Laurel
    You'll be dealing with all the traffic coming off the 101 exits. A bike descends about as fast as the cars, so you can go down those no problem if you're not a moron about it, but going up is a bad idea. I'll make a day going up Nichols, down Laurel, up Benedict, down Coldwater, for example.
  10. Beechwood
    Kind of a pain to get to, and too many stop signs. Nice for an easy ride, but Mt. Hollywood is better, so I don't bother with it.