Applies to any social media
  1. Bad spelling/grammar
    I understand a typo, but I'm an English major. Do your best out there.
  2. Excessive selfies
    If all you post are selfies, you should think about your need for external validation, take a long look in the...dammit, you already do!
  3. Annoying political views
    Can't tell you how many folks I thought I liked or respected until I found out they were Trump fans.
  4. Pictures with dopers
    I'll follow someone after they compliment my book (which is about racing bikes clean), and then they pose for a photo, smiling with their arms around a millionaire cheater, and now I'm sad and confused.
  5. Retweeting a celebrity parody account
    I don't know why this annoys me so much. Wait, yes I do. Why would you follow someone who put Will Ferrell's photo as the avatar, claims no affiliation, and then posts jokes?