Some of the great & not-so-great Phil's of all-time ...
  1. Phil Collins
    I mean c'mon dog. Genesis. Face Value. Singer/Drummer. Phil Collins #allday
  2. Uncle Phil
    The Fresh Prince would not be Fresh without Uncle Phil. Baddest dude in Bel-Air #factsonly
  3. Phil Jackson
    Arguably one of the greatest coaches of all-time. Air Jordan wouldn't have all those rings without the zen master of swish.
  4. Philip Seymour Hoffman
    One of the greatest actors of our time. From Death of a Salesman to Along Came Polly, stage to screen, Phil was a thespian beastmaster general #rip
  5. Phil Donahue
    King of the 80s talk show. Master of the chin-fist pose. Yo, fuck Geraldo!
  6. Philip Michael Thomas
    aka Ricardo Tubbs of the iconic Crockett & Tubbs Miami Vice Squad. Nobody could fuck with this dude in a linen suit. Fun fact: I went to high school with his daughter.
  7. Philip Glass
    King Koyaanisqatsi. Former taxi driver. One of the most influential minimalist composers of the 20th Century. Deep cuts: he also played keybords for 1980s new wave outfit Polyrock. Peep 'romantic me' for some young Phil Glass flavor.
  8. Phil Hartman
    SNL legend. Voice of the Simpsons Troy McClure. And the only dude powerful enough to go toe to toe with Sinbad in the cult awful House Guest #rip
  9. Dr. Phil
    Every mom's favorite TV psychologist. Invented by Oprah. I think he got his doctorate from the University of Phoenix. Anyone can do a Dr. Phil impression. Go head, give it a whirl.
  10. Philip K. Dick
    Champion of sci-fi. Minority Report and that movie with Matt Damon & the fedoras.
  11. St. Philip
    One of Jesus' top dudes. Patron Saint of hatters & haters. He danced hard at the wedding of Cana & toured in Greece & Syria. Crazy death fact: He was crucified upside down!
  12. Phil Drummond
    Cuz the world don't move to the beat of just one drum. Millionaire widowed white dude adopts his dead housekeeper's African American sons, Willis & Arnold, while also raising his eventual meth-addicted daughter, Kimberly. See the kidnap episode for more Drummond heroics.
  13. Philip J. Fry
    aka Fry. The dim witted slacker pizza boy New Yorker cryogenically frozen in the 20th Century only to be thawed out in the 30th century by his Futurama cohorts.
  14. Philip Marlowe
    Private Dick. Dimebag Detective. Hard drinking wisecracking super sleuth. Hard boiled in the mind of Raymond Chandler. Read: The Big Sleep.
  15. Phil Lynott
    Basically the greatest Irish rockstar of all time. Don't even try me with that Bono bullshit. Lead vocals and bassist of the legendary Thin Lizzy. Go listen to 'Jailbreak' right now.
  16. Phil Anselmo
    Former lead singer of the metal band Pantera. Tough guy with big feelings. Peep 'Cowboys From Hell'.
  17. Phil Leotardo
    Captain turned boss of the Lupertazzi crime family of Brooklyn. Old school wise guy who frequently displayed contempt for anyone with effeminate qualities. Eventually he pisses off Tony Soprano & gets merked in the back of the head at a gas station.
  18. Phillip of Terrence & Phillip
    1/2 of the South Park duo known for their Canadian wit & expert farting.
  19. Phil Dunphy
    Honestly, dude's a moron. Like step in a bear trap level moron. But my mom likes him. And I'm a good son. Hi mom.
  20. Prince Phillip
    Disney Prince. This is the guy who woke up Sleeping Beauty with one kiss, no tongue. Implied sex machine.
  21. Philip Bailey
    Jazz vocalist, percussionist, turned pop star. Known for his work with Earth, Wind, & Fire, and the monster 80s collabo hit 'Easy Lover' with Phil Collins.
  22. Phil Rudd
    Drummer of the Aussie rock Giants ACDC. No relation to Paul Rudd.
  23. Philip Quinaz
    Writer, actor, comedian from Miami. Founding member of the cult comedy collective Periods. Films & star of the indie wedding classic 'Breakup At A Wedding'. Recently featured on the Starz docu-series 'The Chair'. Peep 'Hollidaysburg' on Netflix 2day. I love this guy.
  24. Phil Spector
    Pretty much a horrible dude all around but he's responsible for some classic 60s girl group records and the 'wall of sound'. Also, he murdered his girlfriend & fuct over a lot of great artists. Yeah, so he's gonna die in jail & shit.
  25. Phillip Phillips
    I really don't know this dude at all. But he's got double unicorn status with that first & last name. I think he was on American Idol or The Voice or something & he had a popular wedding song with lots of whistling in it or something.