Not a complete list but it's already January 5th so fuck it.
  1. Ron Funches
    I first saw this guy on a cooking show Andy Milonakis did for Vice, and let me tell you he was the best thing about that. I've also listened to almost every podcast episode of anything he's appeared on and binge watched 3 seasons of Undatable. His comedy album was also one of my favorite releases of this year and bunches of Funches week in atMidnight was awesome. I feel like this dude is going to rule in 2016
  2. Scuddles
    Scud. Sir Scudsington. Sir Scudsalot. Destroyer of Toys. Wrestler of Beds. Drinker of Beers. Humper of Buster. Pillow Monster. Blanket Lover. Professional Seat Stealer. Derpface Killah. Best Bud. #scuddlesgottascud
  3. Episodic Documentary True Crime Procedurals.
    Tied for Making A Murderer, Serial, and The Jinx. I thoroughly enjoyed all of these and am excited to see if other seasons follow.
  4. It Follows
    One of my favorite movies of the year. One of the only ones I went to the theatre to see. Probably my favorite horror title of the year. Soundtrack ruled too.
  5. Ceschi - Broken Bone Ballads
    My favorite record of the year. I had been waiting for 5 years for this. Not just an amazing artist but a great person. Ceschi is such a good soul. I got to see him perform a few times this year as well. One of the only shows I actually went to this year.
  6. Aaron James Draplin
    I saw the Lynda video he did in a friends Facebook feed and was immediately intrigued. This guys outlook on life and art/design is incredible. Stoked for his book release next year. Check out his Ted Talks and Tall Tales from a Fat Man lecture series. Super inspiring.
  7. Mad Max Fury Road
    I don't think I was as excited for any movie for a long time. I dug everything about this. Excited for where the franchise will go.