1. Pusha T - King Push - Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude
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    This came out a few weeks ago but I havnt had a chance to listen to it til now. Could have been one of my favorite releases of 2015. I think I'll be bumping this for some time.
  2. Kanye West - Real Friends
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    A few days late on this. New Yeezy sounds promising.
  3. The X-Files - Season 4 - Episode 7
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    I was never into science fiction as a child but have grown to love it as an adult. For the past few months I have been trying to catch up on The X-Files in an effort to be able to watch the reboot. I haven't gotten thru them as fast as I wish but I recently saw my favorite episode. It gives back story to Cigarette Smoking Man. It was very well written and I can't believe people had to wait 4 years for it.
  4. Trillium Brewery
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    Trillium is one of the best breweries in the world right now. They are super sought after and I can almost never buy any anywhere. Me and a friend went to a grand opening of a great liquor store over the weekend where that had a bunch of Trillium. It was like Black Friday for beer snobs. Pictured above is Scaled up which is an imperial ipa. It was 10% and delicious.
  5. This picture of my dog.
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    Scud loves his new lumber jack blanket.