To be listened to the tune of "Favorite Things" by Illogic feat. Blueprint off of Unforeseen Shadows, 2000. Unfortunately not on Spotify.
  1. Scream Queens
    The TV show. From the people that brought you Glee and American Horror Story... Think of Glee meets American Horror Story.
  2. This weeks episode of The Walking Dead.
    Glad we finally got more Morgan backstory. I'm hoping he will do what's right. This season as a whole had been super nerve racking.
  3. Autumn leaves
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    Not because they are pretty or anything, but because Scud loves pooping in them. They are like kitty litter for dogs.
  4. This leftover meatloaf, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich.
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    I made three of these this week out of my leftover loaf.
  5. Mully
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    We adopted this thing last week. She's fitting in well around here.