1. Someone using the count out as a finisher.
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    I could see Luke Harper using this. Berzerker in the early 90s did it. He would beat the crap out of someone then throw them over the top rope and wait for them to be counted out. Why wasn't this guy the favorite in the Royal Rumble? He also tried to stab Taker with his sword too.
  2. Waylon Mercy being a fucking psycho.
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    We all know Bray was hugely influenced by Waylon Mercy and he has done a great job at making it his own. But he missed the best part about that character, other than his promos. Waylon was a southern gentleman like type who would shake the hands of the ref and his jobber opponents before the match and then when the bell ring he lost it, then didn't snap out of it until the ref had to rip him off his opponent. He also used the sleeper, which I wish was used by someone as a finisher these days.
  3. Papa Shango
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    Someone should just redo the whole Papa Shango character. I know Boogeyman a few years back was very similar, but Shango was so awesome and never reached his full potential.
  4. The Demolition switcheroo.
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    I'm sure someone did this before but I remember seeing it the first time when I was a kid on SummerSlam 1990. One of Demolition hid under the ring and switched the other out when the ref wasn't looking multiple times during the match. I'd love to see New Day do this before they have run there course.
  5. Power and Glorys finisher
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    This team could have got a bigger push. They had a good look and we're both good workers. They must have been assholes in the back or something. There finisher was awesome. A superplex off the top rope followed by a splash from a he the top from the ring post diagonally across.
  6. Tag team finishers.
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    I can't think of many WWE tag teams who have them these days. What happened to the Doomsday Device, Steiner DDT, Demolition Decapitation, Hart Attack, and Spiked Piledriver? Most of these moves were pretty basic to today's standards but always seemed special. Why can't Kofi do the Trouble in Paradise as BIG E has there opponent hoisted up before The Big Ending?