Things I saw on my US trip

From the beginning of 2016
  1. This disturbing receipt at a shit diner in LA
  2. Knives and swords being sold for under $25 in a store next to McDonald's between LA and Vegas
  3. Red velvet getting the star treatment it deserves in Vegas
  4. These
  5. The worlds tackiest airport gift shop in Denver
  6. A lot of cowboy boots in Texas. Like an excessive amount of cowboy boots
  7. I found heaven in New Orleans and ate my way through it
  8. My dream home
  9. My dream grave
  10. This man standing in this uncomfortable position for hours.
  11. Grim subway art in NYC
  12. Some sad man's wifi in Washington DC
  13. The subway depriving the world of my moves in NYC
  14. This 😬
  15. More dream homes. Boston edition
  16. An ad for a life size teddy bear for lonely adults
  17. This sign in a hotel. Naps > Sight seeing
  18. Deep dish pizza served by Jason Sudeikis' twin. I kid you not
  19. An alley dedicated to gum in Seattle/many tourists pretending to lick it. No I was not one of those tourists
  20. A Seattle bookstore which had an extensive "witchy shit" section. There aren't enough around that do.
  21. A dog celebrating Valentine's Day ❤️
  22. More dream homes. San Fran addition
  23. Things I saw in Canada:
  24. This