A list of my lists

I use the list app on my phone a lot. Maybe more than li.st.... I guess it's technically called notes....
  1. Here are the first seven lists
  2. 1- I wrote down my thoughts/feelings after a fight.
    We went to a show at the venue we met at and got in a fight. Can it be deleted? ✔️, we talked about it the next morning and I said what I needed to say.
  3. 2- a grocery list.
    Can it be deleted? ✔️
  4. 3- a grocery list.
    Can it be deleted? ✔️
  5. 4- notes on my ability to concentrate and studying habits.
    I'm looking at getting diagnosed with ADHD, so I'm trying to be mindful of it all. Can it be deleted? ❌
  6. 5- a note about questions I wanted to ask my boyfriend.
    I tend to put things off or forget, so I wrote it down. Can it be deleted? ✔️, I've asked them all now.
  7. 6- my boyfriend's pants size.
    It somehow came up. I guess it's something I need to know? Can it be deleted? ❌, well I guess so, but I have a bad memory.
  8. 7- a note on my thoughts about a conversation/argument/life decision with my boyfriend.
    Do we move to rural Ontario? Can it be deleted? ✔️ probably, but it's nice to look back at it. We still haven't made a decision.
  9. I also use the lists to check my spelling on things.
    I'm the worst speller. This is my grocery list with some random words. Action towing is the company I have to take my car to tomorrow. Ps- dumps is dumplings.
  10. Also
    I use it to write down dreams, quotes, memories, movies/tv shows/music/books to check out.