1. When your regret your takeout order
  2. When you wish you ordered what your friend got
  3. When you order white but you really wanted red
  4. When you say "no dessert tonight, thank you", but then you realize you actually really want dessert but it's too late
  5. When someone offers you a free sample or coupon and you refuse it for some unknown reason but now you're really curious and want it, but it's too late
  6. Getting home from the grocery store and realizing you forgot to buy ice cream
  7. Convincing yourself to eat in, but you still really want those chicken wings
  8. When you notice the nightly special after you've ordered
  9. When your Discover Weekly playlist is disappointing. The main reason you give the god damn Swedish company your hard earned money is for the perfectly personalized weekly playlist that knows your musical soul better than any lover. And then Monday comes along and it just doesn't speak to you. And what's the point of living.
  10. Giphy