I love being a lady! It's fun.
  1. I live in dresses all summer
    Easy breezy femininity. I pair them with birks in the day and flats at night. Boots in the fall/spring. I don't wear heels because I like to run and my boyfriend's short.
  2. My makeup is minimal and in the last few months has really dwindled
    Probably because I don't know how to use it properly. Someone teach me to use eye shadow?
  3. I always have my toes painted, and sometimes my fingers
    It depends on my job. I've grown them out and it feels very feminine 💅🏻
  4. I usually have a pair of earrings on and my ring
    I avoid necklaces because I feel like my big boobies and the necklace fight for attention.
  5. I shave regularly
    Recently someone called my boyfriend and I 'slaves to society' because I shave and he prefers it that way. That really ticked me off. We've had conversations about it and it's what makes us both happy.
  6. I'm soft and squishy in all the right places
    And strong! I can open my own jars.
  7. Red lipstick, perfume
    I'll often just put on lipstick. Karma solid perfume from lush.
  8. I love being able to use power tools, drink beer and do Jameson shots
    While wearing a dress. It makes me feel sexy. I drove a tractor the other day, it felt so good.
  9. I love cooking and baking for the people I love
    My work schedule this summer allowed me to make dinner for my boyfriend regularly. It made me so happy!
  10. My period rules my emotions these days
    I cried for 3 days this month. I try not to use it as an excuse for my behaviour or actions.
  11. Confidence
    As I get older I've become more confident with my body, my appearance, saying yes and saying no. I can't wait to see how much better it gets! As they say, confidence is sexy!