Photos that make me smile?

IDK. Just sharing? I like creeping other people's lives and assume you do too? Not to presume my life's that interesting...I can't sleep. Bye.
  1. This was an ad on my Instagram. I don't know how it got there. Im not Jewish( enough to go on birth right, I checked). Is ivanka the role model. so many qs
  2. We drove out of the city on the last nice day. We wore tshirts and basked in the sun, the next day it snowed! #ontario
  3. a loaf of sour dough that I was very proud of
  4. My little brother and his dog at our family cottage
  5. Our first couples trip to ikea. Mile stone!! It went very well
  6. Merly and her fave pose?
  7. A little baby grabbing my boob.
  8. A deer on our road this summer.
  9. Birthday lilacs from my dad and some cards. I couldn't take the flowers home with me, it was sad.
  10. Brandon begging me for something
  11. Christmas Eve in the Colombian Andes.
  12. My papa ❤️
  13. This is the very first photo in my camera role. Saved a few phones ago and I just can't delete it.