Inspired by all you cool cats
  1. Because I didn't go to school until grade 5
    And then went to a Waldorf school
  2. Because I didn't learn to read until I was ten
    My mom thought I would express interest when I was ready
  3. Because my main education was daytime CBC radio
  4. Because I've never seen my mom have a full time job
  5. Because I thought ovaltine was hot chocolate until I was 7
  6. Because I was an only child until 6
  7. Because my mom never made me practice violin
  8. Because I got in a fight with my mom because I wanted to be recognized as my little brothers 'third parent'
  9. Because my dad told me my mom and him were splitting up right before we left for the fair
  10. Because I lost my virginity to a guy from Alaska in the shower of a hostel in Mexico
  11. Because I had to fight my mom to get my vaccinations at age 16 before I went to India for a school trip
  12. Because I catered my high school semi formal dance instead of going
  13. Because I never lived on campus during university
  14. Because I got pregnant with a Swedish guy in Belize and almost moved to Sweden to start a family at age 18
    I got an abortion instead
  15. Because my dad is my best friend
  16. Because I still need to remind myself to say what I feel
  17. Because I put arugula on everything