I've been lucky this summer. I get to live in Ontario cottage country with my boyfriend at his family cottage. He works as a forest fire fighter for 6 months a year, I hang out on the dock and serve tables
  1. Watching the lake change from ice and snow
    We got here mid April.
  2. To spring
  3. To hot summer green
    Before, it was perfectly silent and deserted. Now all the cottagers are here. There's a never ending parade of boats going by our dock.
  4. I've started baking bread
    I'm a cottage wife!
  5. Sharing my boyfriend's love for this place
    It's a special place for him, and now it's special for me! I'm so lucky!
  6. Having friends and family visit
    I've also been able to get to know his family better.
  7. Embracing my love of overalls
  8. Wildlife
    I'm not in the city anymore! There is also a fox family down the road.
  9. Getting updates when he's off on a fire
    The longest he's been gone is 19 days. He loves it, I could never do it. He flies around in helicopters and uses chainsaws.
  10. Never ending dusk skies
  11. Worked on my green thumb
    Seeds I brought back from Colombia for lil baby tomatoes
  12. Feeding the humming birds
    Not pictured because they're fast lil buggers. I also get a bit anxious about it. I always forget to fill the feeders, I can never remember the sugar to water ratio. Should I use a more natural sugar? Raw sugar, honey? All that processed stuff can't be good for them!
  13. I've spent a lot of time by myself
    It's been nice. I've re watched mad men, I've completed a university course on line, I've figured out some life goals/directions.
  14. It's been an amazing summer and I'm thankful for it!
    Also it's not over yet, I'm just sentimental....