1. Home made granola
    My mom makes it for me when she comes a visits. But I finally got around to making it myself 👍 would do it again
  2. Budoir photo shoots
    I was on Groupon trying to find something for my partners birthday. I was half way into a bottle of wine and saw a session for 90% off and bought it. It was entirely out of my comfort zone, but I'm happy I did it! We will see once I see the results.
  3. My umbrella plant
    I bought one a while ago and it died. This one is thriving
  4. Humidifier
    Next to my bed, with eucalypts oil in it
  5. Sumol soda
    Passion fruit flavour, all day. One of the perks of living in Little Portugal
  6. Home made hummus
    Gotta save money where you can.
  7. Baskets
    So good, so funny.
  8. Solange
    Still listening to it
  9. Busy Phillips' Instagram stories
    They relax me and make me laugh.
  10. Canada
    We are so lucky
  11. Giphy