Shit my mom does that I thought I'd never do-right up until I caught myself doing it.
  1. I find myself wearing the same 3 outfits over and over and more and more the clothes I choose look like they could double as pajamas.
  2. While driving if I hit traffic or find myself in unfamiliar territory I turn down the radio so I can concentrate better.
    "Keep it down, kids! Mommy's trying to change lanes!"
  3. I own about 27 tubes of nude lipstick but I don't use any of them.
    None of them are quite the perfect shade, but throwing them out would feel wasteful.
  4. I reflexively attribute people's behavior to their zodiac sign.
    "She did what?!? Oh man, she is SUCH a Libra."
  5. I hoard craft supplies and fabric for projects that I know I will never do.
  6. I drive a minivan and I LIKE IT.