My cake decorating skills can best be described as "childlike" but hey, it's fun.
  1. Fish for my 3rd sons 2nd birthday.
    Used a pattern from Martha Stewart for the construction.
  2. Gibbons
    The twins were reeeeeally into gibbons that year (I mean for real, we read books, drove hours to see them at zoos, it was a fixation) and they requested cakes with an agile gibbon and a siamang gibbon. The results were laughable, but the kids loved them and that's what counts.
  3. "Cars" cakes.
    These really weren't that great, I'm just proud of my efforts because making red fondant is really hard. For an hour or so I was afraid I'd have to serve up pink cakes.
  4. Dog cake
    The fun part about this one is that it looked so much like our dog. Another Martha pattern
  5. Ninja Turtle
    For my nephew. Once again, not thaaaat cool but the fondant turned out so pretty I want to cry.
  6. Bugs & Bat
    Before they got really into primates/gibbons specifically the twins were really into rainforest creatures in general and requested that a fox bat and a rhinoceros beetle be included on their cakes.
  7. Static