1. Apple peeler-corer-slicer thingy
    Stick the apple on the end and turn the crank-something about the whole process is so satisfying. But it's a pain in the ass to wash and it slices the apples thinner than I like for baked goods so there is really no reason to have this.
  2. Mandoline
    Also a pain to wash. 99% of the time it's just easier to use a knife. Plus I am always terrified that I will slice off my finger tips. So it mostly stays in the box and I think about giving it away but then I imagine that someday I will want to make potato chips or zoodles because in my imagination I am someone who might make those things.
  3. Yogurt Maker
    I've used it once. And I was so amazed. I made yogurt! And it was delicious! But then I remember that my grocery store sells like 50 brands of yogurt, and most of them are also delicious, and require zero effort on my part.
  4. Multiple Bundt Pans
    Really, even though I bake a lot there is no reason for this. The specially shaped ones are such a pain to grease and to wash and if the cake sticks and doesn't come out correctly I feel like a failure.
  5. Fondue Pot
    Again something I have used only once.