1. Kids in the car-4
    Two 8 year olds, a 4 1/2 year old and a 2 year old.
  2. Dogs-1
    Fingers crossed she doesn't get car sick and ralph but who am I kidding of course she will.
  3. Adults-2
    God help us.
  4. Varieties of snacks-5
    Fruit leather, cheese crackers, frozen yogurt tubes, applesauce pouches and at the request of the children I made "puppy chow". I will be digging traces of all these things out of the seats of my vehicle for weeks.
  5. Hours spent packing yesterday-5?
    Questionable weather in the forecast, plus a formal occasion=not as fun to pack for as, say, a grown ups only trip to the beach.
  6. Hours slept last night-4
    The two year old has learned how to climb out of her crib (yay!) and she wandered into my room at 3 am ready to play. Tried to get her back to sleep. Failed. She's snoozing in her car seat now and I'm looking like an extra from The Walking Dead.
  7. Hours I expect to spend in the car-9
    Factoring in one stop for lunch, a couple other stops for bathroom breaks, gas, and or cleaning up dog vomit.
  8. How many times I will have a mini heart attack thinking I forgot something important-11
    Already had to climb to the back to make sure I remembered my daughters flower girl dress.
  9. Drinks I will have when we get to my sister in law's house tonight-so many.