don't let this list fool you, i love it here
  1. the mall is just a lot of grass, not what i was expecting with a victoria's secret and greasy chinese food
  2. even the most annoying person that you know is going to be 10x more annoying when they're drunk
  3. sigmund freud was more messed up than they told us in high school
  4. dancing in the ΛΧΑ basement is all fun and games until a UFO (unidentified fratty object) tries to dance on/ with you
  5. no one is a morning person when it comes to 8:00 AMs
  6. people respect a light weight who respects themselves/ his or her limits
    aka me
  7. setting spray and foundation primer ARE ESSENTIAL
  8. not every person in your rival sorority/ fraternity sucks
  9. a z-score makes it easier to identify the exact location of each score in a distribution of data
    thanks statistics in psychology