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My toddler loves to take things and throw them into various garbage cans. These are the things that we have found before dumping our garbage out
  1. A small toy elephant
  2. The shop vac nozzle attachment
  3. A box of baking soda
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While listening to the song "Everything is Awesome", the 6 year old came up with things that are not awesome— proving the song to be untrue
  1. Crying
    Me: actually, lady, crying is awesome. Sometimes you feel a lot better after. 6yearold: not if your house just exploded
  2. Your house exploding
  3. A puppy that's dead
  4. Having blood all over your body.
  1. Trying new things
  2. Talking to your family
  3. Sleeping
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"UGH. Why are people always talking about Donald Trump," Josie asked. "Why do you think, lady?" I asked. Here are her answers...
  1. Because some people like and some people don't like him
  2. Because he fusses over other people
  3. Because of what he said to Uncle Ray - he said " I don't like you". (NOTE: Donald Trump has never met or talked to Ray, but to be fair he probably wouldn't like Ray anyway.)
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Since it is Barack Obama's last year in office, Josie and I were discussing what a President would do after being President. Here are the jobs she came up with...
  1. A grocery shopper
  2. A person who helps other people
  3. A gas stationer who helps people get gas if they can't get it themselves
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  1. Hercules. Hercules.
    Said by my breast pump. Over and over.
  2. Help me
    Also breast pump. Also over and over.
  3. Heeeyyyy
    Said by the Momaroo swing's Ocean sound
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