1. Ow.
  2. Is that what my belly looks like? Couldn't be.
  3. Ow, my sacrum.
  4. He needs to stop doing that because it reminds me of breastfeeding.
  5. Ow, my right ovary.
  6. Is that a child at the door?
  7. Is that a dog at the door?
  8. Am I ovulating? Really? I don't remember the last time I ovulated.
  9. What the fuck are we going to do to help the Syrian refugees?
  10. 2 babies lived in my body. How is that even possible?
  11. This is good. This is so good.
  12. Need to mention condom now.
  13. ISIS.
  14. Ow, my arthritic thumb. Need to use the other hand.
  15. Damn.
  16. What if I had been this relaxed at 25?
  17. What if I had owned a vibrator at 35?
  18. What will sex be like at 75?
  19. Fuck. The croutons. Fuck. They must be burned.
  20. Yes.
  21. Yes.
  22. Yes.