mind wandering + thought pondering
  1. Should I get up to make a proper meal or snack in bed all day? (Bed n' snackfest.. I mean, breakfast) 👌🏾
  2. Why does my stomach sound like a dying whale? (Bubble guts)🐋
  3. How did I even end up on this video? (Browsing YouTube) 👀
  4. Interesting... that smell can't be normal! 💨😷 (methane blast)
  5. Should I Netflix & chill? (or iMax & climax) 💦
  6. I wonder what my friends are doing? (Not thinking of you)😖
  7. Why do I keep looking at my dry as social media? (same waste, different day) 💩
  8. Oh snap, what was that strange sound? (After watching forensic files or a crime scene doc)🔫🔪
  9. Should I answer my phone or watch it go straight to voicemail? (Social laziness) 📵
  10. Maybe some soft music will help me relax. (Until someone yells HELLO in your ear from the other side) 🎧😳