1. Toilets do a gush flush instead of swirl
  2. Laziest slang known to man is spoken here (Brekkie, pressie, shrimp on Barbie etc)
  3. Dogs prefer to catch thrown rocks instead of tennis balls... haha j/k
  4. American accents and words are appreciated and mimicked
  5. Ballarat Kangaroos are pretty chill and so is my best mate!
  6. The word cunt and bastard are terms of endearment.
  7. Burger King is called Hungry Jack and McDonalds is called Maccas
  8. Driving on the left side of the road is considered "the correct side"
  9. Aussies have a down to earth, great sense of humor, and warm hearted mentality
  10. Vegemite is a weird substance that is hard to fancy. I'll just stick with real food like Nandos perri-perri chicken!