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Particularly poetic names for a puppy
  1. Roman
  2. Garfield
    Ironic, also loves Italian food
  3. Malkin
    Responds to Russian commands
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Because you are in the market for a feathered supplier of eggs.
  1. Parm
    An Italian, obviously
  2. Ken
    Following three are obviously siblings
  3. Tuck
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What to name a feline friend if chance you happen upon a stray needing a living home.
  1. Tuna
    You are what you eat
  2. Birdie
  3. Octopus
  1. The answer to a Jeopardy question was once "Who is Evgeni Malkin?"
    Who expected that one http://youtu.be/oxjfES3toqQ
  2. There was a hockey player named Jim Carey
    His nicknames were 'Net Detective', 'The Mask' and 'Ace'
  3. On Twitter, Snowden is only following 1 account
    The NSA. Who's keeping tabs of who now? @Snowden
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Because there was one Christmas scene or snow
  1. Harry Potter
  2. While You Were Sleeping
  3. Pixar movies
  4. The Santa Claus
    ...just seeing if you were paying attention. You never know when you'll hear such a clatter to spring to your lawn to see a man in red breaking into your house
The best names and nicknames of players on the current Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team.
  1. 1.
    #12 Ben Lovejoy
  2. 2.
    'Sid the Kid'
    #87 Sidney Crosby - both his name and nickname rhyme
  3. 3.
    #29 Marc-Andre Fleury - goalie with a girlie nickname
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Archaic concepts
  1. Having to actually know things...
  2. Having to wonder...
  3. Basic math skills
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Things that should also have please-take-one-if-or-leave-one jars, located at continent locations
  1. Pencils
  2. Pieces of Gum
  3. Pens
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