Things I Just Discovered (Mostly About Malkin)

Monday, December 14.
  1. The answer to a Jeopardy question was once "Who is Evgeni Malkin?"
    Who expected that one
  2. There was a hockey player named Jim Carey
    His nicknames were 'Net Detective', 'The Mask' and 'Ace'
  3. On Twitter, Snowden is only following 1 account
    The NSA. Who's keeping tabs of who now? @Snowden
  4. Boston Rob from Survivor wrote a book
    And it's on Amazon
  5. Geno Malkin is on Twitter & Instagram
    He follows Hilary Duff, Mark Cuban, & NASA @Malkin71
  6. Geno Malkin also has a website
    And it has him and a giant bear, plus declares he's a "Proud Russian" and "Breaking Out"