1. Let your weight fall into the floor
    Or "drop your pelvis"
  2. Send me your kidneys
    Proper inversion technique
  3. Think "fat feet"
  4. Find the head/tail connection
  5. Trace the edges of your kinesphere
  6. Feel your feet rooting deep into the earth while your head is floating upward towards the ceiling. Notice the spiral of the thighs rotating outward and down and soften your knees. Close your shoulder blades and open the chest while relaxing the shoulders downward. Lengthen the back of your neck. Close your ribs, hold your abs strong. Breathe.
    All we are doing is standing still.
  7. Through the wormhole batman!!!
    Proper inversion technique part 2
  8. Shoom ba da dee da da
    Aka 5, 6, 7, 8
  9. Round into the fetal position
  10. What does the space need???
  11. Notice your skin.
  12. You're moving through mud, the mud is getting thicker, you're struggling to get through it, the mud is hardening... You're stuck...
    It's called "bound flow"