These are the Classics
  1. Lord of the Rings
    Grew up on this
  2. Harry Potter
    Lil nerdy but they're good and pretty action-packed to be honest
  3. Mad Max
    Fury Road in the theater really opened my mind to watching the rest. And I did. And I love them. Beyond Thunderdome or Fury Road is probably my favorite
  4. Batman
  5. Avatar
    Deep enough to make me think while still having a good plot.
  6. 21/22 Jump Street
    Funny as hell
  7. Kill Bill
    Quentin Tarantino really is one of my all time favorite directors, Kill Bill edged out Pulp Fiction in consideration for this list. Both great. Possibly a regrettable decision
  8. American Hustle
    Just great all around
  9. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
    Just watched last week. Would watch again. Great movie
  10. The Shining
    Possibly my favorite horror movie ever. The psychological trauma that evolved through the film is an excellent testament to Stanley Kubrick's directing skill.
  11. The Conjuring