My first Whalburgers experience- there will be more... My meal inspired by @bjnovak and his love of Whalburgers the TV show
  1. Wow- this is more modern then I would have thought
  2. "Why is the funny guy from Daddy's Home in the restaurant?"- my sister upon seeing Markey Mark
  3. I really need a grilled cheese with bacon (9:28)
  4. I'm quite surprised that they only offer breakfast during the morning, not what I expected since their breakfast menu is a small (5 item) portion of their regular menu)
  5. I guess I'll have the breakfast sandwich.
  6. This place is packed! And it's a Monday morning!
  7. Now I have a hankering to have Mac 'n cheese or a grilled cheese with "government cheese" BUT I CANT
  8. Why is it called 'government cheese'
  9. Now I have to come back during reasonable lunch hours
  10. Can I start a Whalburgers franchise when I get back home?