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  1. Today I went detecting in beautiful Cook Park, nearish my house.
  2. I found 4 beer bottle caps and picked up a straw.
  3. One beer cap said "A Prost to: Walk-In Closets."
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  1. Jake, the Life Is Good mascot, and the next one, are what's on my personal vehicle. They're magnets.
  2. My daughter went to Ithaca College.
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  1. For started, they land after their long journey on my birthday!
  2. Inside the space ship, Captain Taylor, while flying through space at the speed of light, is SMOKING A CIGAR!!
  3. Although they land in water, their first reaction is to get away from it. Later they check their rations and find that between the three of them they have 8 ounces of water. Water from earth, from 2,000 years ago. They don't even have a sip from the fresh water lake they're in.
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  1. The Cannibal Section.
  2. Books: Serial Killers (not necessarily can I also, but it fits anyway), Cannibal Serial Killers (now we're talking!), Cannibal Killers, Cannibalism. DVDs: Cannibal, The Musical, American Serial Killers (a ten part series including Jeffery Dahmer). CD: Fine Young Cannibals, The Raw & The Cooked.
  3. FYC!
  4. Shelved in the graphic novel section is another book, My Friend Dahmer, by Derf Backderf. Derf and Dahmer we're friends in high school, in real life. Derf has gone on to be a somewhat successful graphic novelist and wrote a book about their friendship, from before Jeffrey was a cannibal serial killer.
I'm not posting all of them; just the ones I find totally outdated or funny.
  1. Here's the cover with Henry Kissinger.
  2. What!
  3. Any 4 books for $1. A bargain!
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Can I just gripe for a second? When making these lists I really wish we could still upload more than one picture at a time. I miss that feature.
  1. "#BigBoobSquad: #Red Door Meet: #N O R T H W E S T"
    What? Big Boob Squad?!?! What!
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  1. This is an old watering wand t I got that attaches to a hose. It's broken and I'm a little embarrassed to say that it's been sitting in my garden area for over two years.
  2. Yet there was still about two cups of water in it! How did it not evaporate over those two years. I don't get it. Weird.
  1. This has happened a few times when I've gone from this li.st account to my other one, then come back to this one.
  2. Holy frick.
  3. Then it was back.
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  1. I finally found these in a store. I've had Peanut Butter Oreos before, and Jelly Donut Oreos, and have been waiting for this one for a while now.
  2. As someone who works at a school, I'll thank Oreo to please not remind me of school during summer break.
  3. 1/2 peanut butter creme, 1/2 jelly creme. The cookie part is kind of grahamy, and good. The PB&J creme is creamy and delicious!
    Special cameo appearance by my dog, Winston.
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