1. Hi, my name is Bill and I take pictures of Stuff Stuck To Cars. Some people say I have a problem. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. So, I've now put out 100 lists of Stuff Stuck To Cars. One hundred! When I decided to make the first list I didn't know if I'd be able to get enough pictures for a list worthy of publishing. Also, I thought it would just be emblems like the one pictured here.
    I thought it would all be takes on the Christian fish emblem thing.
  3. Here's the very first Stuff Stuck To Cars list, although I hadn't come up with that title yet. Car emblems and weird stickers that make me laugh.
  4. I did eventually make an entire list about emblems: Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol. 62, "Fishy" Emblem Edition.
  5. So apparently I don't have a Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 26 list. What's up with that? Around that time I made Cars Stuck In The Snow but it's about cars stuck in the snow, not Stuff Stuck To Cars. I dunno.
  6. So let's look at the numbers!
    For full disclosure, the average / total numbers do not include Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 💯 because I just now published it. I will NOT be updating to include that list.
  7. Total number of lists thus far: 100!
    Yes, I know, it should really be 99 because #26 isn't there. I think it did exist at one point and maybe it got lost or accidentally deleted or something. I dunno. I'm calling it 100.
  8. Total number of Stuff Stuck To Cars lists I thought I would make when I made the first one: 1.
  9. Total number of items: 1,604!
    This is a tiny bit off, because I've added to the Fishy Emblems and Dutch Bros lists quite recently and I'm not counting again. It's close enough.
  10. On average, I post a picture of something stuck to a car every 5 hours!!
  11. Average number of items per list: 16!
    For full disclosure, this includes list items that aren't stickers, such as commentary that takes up a list item spot.
  12. Highest number of items in one list: 45!
  13. Total ❤: 1,055!
  14. Average number of ❤ per list: 11!
  15. Highest number of ❤ on a single list: 29!
  16. Number of Stuff Stuck To Cars lists that got zero ❤: ZERO, baby! Every list got at least one ❤.
  17. Total comments: 344
  18. Average number of comments per list: 3-1/2!
  19. Highest number of comments on a single list: 23!
  20. Number of Stuff Stuck To Cars lists that have only one picture: 3!
  21. On average, I make a Stuff Stuck To Cars list every 3 days, 8 hours.
  22. Average number of days per week that i take at least one picture of something Stuck To A Car: 7!
  23. Number of lists that were made from a single vehicle: 12!
    This includes one van and two motor scooters.
  24. Number of Stuff Stuck To Cars lists I made that were special The Big Island editions: 9!
    Those Hawaiians are crazy with this stickers! What fun. 🤙🏼
  25. Percentage of all of my lists that are Stuff Stuck To Cars: 6.41%!
    I've made 641 total lists, which is pretty crazy in itself.
  26. Everyone asks, so- Number of times I got caught taking pictures of Stuff Stuck To Cars: 1!
  27. Number of people I know in real life who are on Li.St: 2.
  28. Number of people besides the two mentioned above who know that I make Stuff Stuck To Cars lists: 0.
  29. Number of people I know in real life who would think this is a freaking bizarre hobby: all of them.
  30. Number of stickers stuck to my own car: Zero!
    But my BFF gave me a Hawaiian one that I'm going to put on soon, and I have a magnet on my car.
  31. Lists that I keep adding to on an ongoing basis because of their theme: Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 58, All Dutch Bros Edition and Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol. 62, "Fishy" Emblem Edition..
  32. Other people who have made Stuff Stuck To Cars style lists:
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  37. In case you're interested, I have another running series of lists on one topic: The Best Thing Heard Today. Here's the most recent of those: The Best Thing Heard Today, Vol 18
    Note: I've added two more lists to this series since I wrote this list.
  38. The car with something stuck to it that it caused so much FOMO that I nearly got in a wreck wanting to get pictures: a Honda Civic with the basket of a grocery store shopping cart welded to the roof and signs all over the car. It wasn't advertising or anything - it was art. I can't remember what the signs said, but humor was involved.
    The person welded a shopping cart basket to the roof of their car! And I missed it!
  39. I wanted to have a huge list for Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 100 and did it! I maxed that baby out. Here's Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 💯❗️: Stuff Stuck To Cars, Vol 💯❗️